Allergy Doctor in Jackson Township, NJ

At Chai Urgent Care, we have experienced allergy doctors specializing in allergy & asthma testing, diagnostics, and treatment. Please call our clinic in Jackson Township or visit us at 2206 W County Line Rd, Jackson Township, NJ 08527.

Allergy Doctor Near Me in Jackson Township, NJ
Allergy Doctor Near Me in Jackson Township, NJ

Are the spring and summer months difficult to enjoy due to your allergies? Are you living in the Jackson Township, NY area and in need of expert care to provide relief to your allergy symptoms? If so, our board-certified providers at Chai Urgent Care is the treatment team you are looking for.

What is causing my allergic reaction?

Allergens are what triggers an allergic reaction. This is when your body overreacts to the allergen, pushing out symptoms that disrupt your body’s normal functioning. This allergen can come in many forms: food, the environment such as pollen and dust, animals and drugs and medications can have allergic reactions. Why people have these allergic reactions is unclear, it could be a part of family history and genetics, or it could be the environment. It is also common for allergens to change, and people can “grow out” of their allergic reaction as people grow older, or the opposite. People who weren’t once allergic to something can suddenly become allergic over time.

Can you cure my allergy?

Unfortunately, there is no “cure all” for allergies; however, symptoms can be treated in a way so they will not impact your daily life. It is dependent on the nature and the causation of the allergy. Desensitization is usually the first step in decreasing the reaction to the allergen. This exposes you to what you have experienced a reaction from, in a controlled and diluted matter to slowly build up your body’s tolerance to the allergen. This can take months to years to build up your tolerance. Your body is still allergic to the initial allergen. However, your reaction to it will be reduced.

How do I know if I have an allergy?

Sometimes allergic reactions to an allergen can be misleading. You can feel as if you have a cold, or maybe even a stomach bug, depending on your symptoms of the allergen. It is helpful to come into our allergy clinic and get tested. Here at Chai Urgent Care in Jackson Township, we can check for a wide range of allergens. This is done through the use of a small patch test, exposing a small amount of allergen-related substances to the body to observe its reactions. This is noninvasive, unlike a blood test, and multiple patches with allergens can be used at a time.

Can you test me for asthma or allergic asthma?

Allergic asthma is when an individual has an allergic inflammation of the airway caused by an inhaled allergen. This is often seen in individuals who are allergic to pollen or pet dander. This is different from asthma, which is a disease of the lungs that narrows and inflames the airways. Both make it difficult to breathe, however, it is essential to get the proper diagnosis to be treated most accurately. At Chai Urgent Care we spiralize in the treatment of both asthma and allergy conditions.

Where are you located?

If you have any questions, please call our clinic in Jackson Township. One of our well-informed staff members will be happy to answer any questions you may have and set you up with an appointment. We are located at 2206 W County Line Rd, Jackson Township, NJ 08527.