Allergy Treatment Clinic in Jackson and Lakewood, NJ

Suffering from allergies? Visit Chai Urgent Care to help yourself with the allergies. Chai Urgent Care provides testing and treatment for allergies. Call us for more information or schedule an appointment online

Allergy Treatment Clinic in Jackson and Lakewood, NJ
Allergy Treatment Clinic in Jackson and Lakewood, NJ

If you’ve been suffering from allergies and are fed up with them, you can turn to Chai Urgent Care for help. We can test you for particular allergies and help you handle them much more easily, and we can even treat allergies directly instead of just helping you manage the symptoms. Come see us today, if you like, at our allergy treatment clinic in Jackson and Lakewood, NJ!

How do I know if I have allergies?

With allergies, there are some symptoms to check for like watery eyes, a plugged nose, coughing, sneezing, hives, and some others. These symptoms are usually minor and indicative of a simple allergy. The symptoms of a severe allergic reaction can be swelling of the lips or another part of the face, difficulty breathing, or anaphylaxis. These symptoms can be serious and even life-threatening, in which case it’s necessary to go to the ER (emergency room). When the symptoms are mild, though, you should go to urgent care instead. Urgent care can treat you quickly and often more quickly than the ER if your symptoms are minor.

Is it possible to test for certain allergies?

It is possible to test for allergies, yes. If you suspect you have a single allergy, you can be tested for it easily, or if you think you may have many allergies, you can be tested for multiple ones. We can provide this testing here at Chai Urgent Care. First, one of our doctors will ask you about your medical history and your history of allergies/allergic reactions, and if you and the doctor agree you should be tested, then the doctor can proceed with testing.

The most common test (and the easiest one for the patient) is a simple skin prick test. Very tiny needles are used in this test which is practically pain-free for the patient. It can easily indicate allergies like food allergies and pet allergies. However, sometimes a patient should have a blood test done to check for certain allergies or multiple allergies. If an allergy is diagnosed, it can be treated just as easily!

How do you treat allergies?

With some allergies like food allergies, a patient can easily avoid the allergen altogether. Also, it’s common for someone with a food allergy to be allergic to related foods that can be avoided too. For example, a patient with a tomato allergy may need to avoid potatoes as well. Some food allergies can be very serious, especially if there’s a risk for anaphylaxis. For such allergies, allergen avoidance is necessary.

It’s possible to treat some allergies too. When a patient is experiencing only a mild allergy, like a simple seasonal allergy, the allergy can be treated with an over-the-counter or prescription allergy medicine. The medicine could be an oral medicine or a nasal allergy spray. For some people at risk of serious symptoms, emergency epinephrine with an EpiPen may be necessary.

Sometimes a patient can benefit a great deal from long-term immune strengthening treatment which can help the patient develop a tolerance or even an immunity to an allergen. Typically, this treatment is done with allergy shots. At Chai Urgent Care, we can provide this treatment and any of the others we mentioned! Our treatments are available on a walk-in basis for anyone who needs them.

Do you have an allergy treatment clinic in Jackson or Lakewood, NJ?

Yes, we have locations in both Jackson and Lakewood. Please see our Locations page for their addresses, contact information, and hours of operation. Since we’re an urgent care clinic, you don’t need to make an appointment in order to see us for care; instead, you can just come by our clinic for immediate service right on the spot. If you or a loved one is suffering from an allergy or mild allergic reaction, don’t hesitate to come see us today here at Chai Urgent Care!