Burn Doctor in Staten Island, NY

Burns are sometimes simple problems, but other times they are more significant and should be treated by a professional. Minor burns can be treated either at home or at an urgent care clinic like Chai Urgent Care. If you believe you need our care, you can come see one of our burn doctors right away without having to make an appointment first, and we’ll take care of you right on the spot. Come see us today for a burn doctor in Staten Island, NY.

Burn Doctor Near Me in Staten Island, NY
Burn Doctor Near Me in Staten Island, NY

How do I heal a burn quickly? What ointment is good for burns?

For a minor burn or any burn blisters, the first thing you should do is expose the area to cool, not cold, water. This means running the area under cool water or soaking it. When the pain becomes more bearable, you should wash the area with mild soap and water, then put a cool compress on the wound, like a clean and wet cloth. While you’re doing all this, keep in mind that especially cold temperatures can irritate the burn further.

After the pain and swelling have gotten better, you can apply an antibiotic ointment or cream to the area. This will help ensure the area doesn’t become infected and help to speed up healing. You might find that aloe vera gel will help a lot, or maybe you’ll want a pain reliever for the pain.

You can also apply a sterile gauze bandage to the area to help reduce pain, protect the skin, and help the area heal. It’s best to apply the bandage loosely to avoid putting pressure on the area.

It might be difficult to find quality products lying around your home, but you’ll find them all at an urgent care clinic like ours.

Should I see a doctor for my burn? How do you know if a burn needs medical attention?

Minor burns, also known as first-degree burns, will heal by themselves with at-home care, but moderate burns (second-degree burns) to severe burns (third-degree burns) require medical attention. It can be hard to tell whether a burn is minor or more severe, and some burns should be treated at urgent care, while others should be treated at the emergency room (ER). If you have any of the following kinds of burns, then please dial 911 and go to the ER:

  • A burn in the airway
  • A burn that causes breathing difficulty
  • A burn that covers a large part of the body, a major joint of the body, or the face, groin, hands, feet, or buttocks
  • A burn that affects the deeper areas of the skin or deep tissues
  • A burn that makes the skin look leathery
  • A burn that looks charred or like there are black, brown, or white patches
  • A burn caused by electricity
  • A chemical burn
  • A burn that has signs of infection or that worsens over time

For any of those burns, go to the ER. For minor burns, you’re more than welcome to come see a burn doctor here at Chai Urgent Care!

Do you have a burn doctor in Staten Island, NY?

Yes, we do. We have burn doctors here at Chai Urgent Care, and you’ll find our clinic over at 1975 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10306. We’re open for you and anyone else in your family 7 days a week (Mon-Thurs: 8am-12am, Fri: 8am-6pm, Sat: 7pm-12am, Sun: 8am-12am). There’s no need to book an appointment for burn treatment, so you can just come see us right away for immediate care. Don’t hesitate to come by for a minor burn; we’ll have you back home feeling better in no time.

We look forward to seeing you soon here at Chai Urgent Care in Staten Island!