The best in patient-centered healthcare services is available at Chai Urgent Care of Staten Island, NY. Our facility is carefully designed to ensure a more efficient urgent care experience than might be found in the average emergency room. Our staff features senior practitioners with 15 to 20 years of experience each in performing general and emergency medicine, with the necessary equipment on hand to diagnose a range of illnesses and injuries, as well as perform the necessary medical procedure in-house.

Our goal is always to offer you the most advanced treatment available without inconveniencing you. We work hard to ensure our patients’ satisfaction through short wait times, accessible hours, and no PCP change or appointment requirements. We also accept all insurance plans. See for yourself the lengths we go to give you our fullest attention from your first visit. Visit Chai Urgent Care of Staten Island, NY today.

Chai Urgent Care of Staten Island, NY offers:

  • Laboratory services for diagnosing illnesses and conditions;
  • In-house digital x-ray and screening for broken bones and blood pressure;
  • Swift treatment for common illnesses and injuries;
  • Pediatric care services, including treatment for allergy, disease and minor injuries;
  • And more.

For Your Convenience

Our primary goal? To get you the most advanced treatment with the least amount of headache. With a 98% patient satisfaction rate, we’re getting pretty close.