EKG Testing Questions and Answers

Do you need an EKG or think you may need one? If so, you might have some questions about EKGs and what to expect. We’d like to help, so here’s Chai Urgent Care’s Q&A on EKG testing in NY and NJ! We serve patients from Brooklyn-Boro Park NY, Staten Island NY, Brooklyn-Williamsburg NY, South Fallsburg NY, Lakewood NJ, Jackson Township NJ, Brooklyn-Mill Basin NY, Bay Ridge NY, and Sunset Park NY.

EKG Testing Questions and Answers
EKG Testing Questions and Answers

Q: What can EKGs detect?

A: EKGs (electrocardiograms) measure the natural electrical activity of the heart. This electrical activity is what determines how a patient’s heart will beat, pump blood, and function in general. The entire procedure is pain-free and quick, taking little time.

With an EKG, a doctor will measure the strength of the electrical waves in the upper and lower chambers of the heart, and if the waves are weak, the doctor may take that as an indication of an issue. The EKG can reveal a lot about a patient’s heart health, like how efficiently it’s pumping blood, whether the heart rhythm is abnormal, whether there are blocked or narrowed arteries, whether you had a previous heart attack, or how well a pacemaker is working.

Q: Why would I need an EKG?

A: You might need an EKG if a doctor suspects (or wants to rule out) a certain issue with your heart health. An EKG can also help determine how well a heart disease treatment like a pacemaker is working.

If you’ve been suffering from chest pains, heart palpitations, dizziness, fainting, or frequent shortness of breath, you should speak with your doctor and may need an EKG. Also, if you’ve been experiencing any of those issues after starting a new medication, you should tell your doctor. The issues we mentioned could be related to a condition of your heart, like heart disease, or another serious problem.

Q: How long does an EKG take?

A: Typically, an EKG takes only about 10 minutes, then you’re done. The procedure is really simple and nothing to worry about, and you can be sure of that. It’s entirely noninvasive, pain-free, and easy for patients.

One of the benefits of going to urgent care for an EKG is that they may be able to provide one on the spot without the need for an appointment. You can come see us for an EKG here at Chai Urgent Care. We can also provide you with a follow-up and, if necessary, treatment or a referral for treatment.

Q: What happens after an EKG?

A: After the EKG is done, the doctor will interpret the results, looking for how long it took for the electrical waves to pass through your heart. If the timing is irregular, this may indicate an issue. The doctor will also look at the strength of the electricity in your heart, and this can reveal whether your heart is overworked or abnormal. If there’s an issue, the doctor will order additional tests. If the EKG indicates nothing, then this tells the doctor there may be another issue somewhere else in the body, or that there is no issue. Regardless, the EKG can be the first step in making a diagnosis or not!

Q: Does Chai Urgent Care offer EKGs?

A: We do, yes! We provide EKGs and have multiple locations in NY and NJ. Please see our Locations page for our locations, their addresses, their hours of operation, and their contact information, then come see us or call us at the location closest to you. An appointment isn’t necessary with an urgent care clinic like ours, so come see us today for an appointment and, if you need one, an EKG.

We look forward to your visit with us soon here at Chai Urgent Care!