Illness Treatment Clinic in Staten Island, South Fallsburg, Boro Park, and Williamsburg, NY

Not Feeling well? Searching for the cause of your illness? Consider Chai Urgent Care, where we offer treatment to various illness including Ear Infections, Allergies, Asthma, and Back Pain. Visit us at a location near you. For more information, please call us or schedule an appointment online.

Illness Treatment Clinic Near Me in Staten Island, South Fallsburg, Boro Park, and Williamsburg, NY
Illness Treatment Clinic Near Me in Staten Island, South Fallsburg, Boro Park, and Williamsburg, NY

To help you feel better and get back on your feet, Chai Urgent Care treats a wide range of illnesses, including colds and flu, sinus infections, stomach viruses, allergies, and sore throats. Our doctors also provide care for abscesses, boils, and rashes and perform STD testing and treatment. Need a boost after an illness or a night out? I.V. care services will resolve dehydration and hangovers in no time.

Our packages of treatments and wellness services are tailored to fit individual needs including:

  • Colds, Flus, and Fevers
  • Sore Throats & Coughs
  • Nausea & Vomiting
  • Stomach Aches & Viruses
  • Abscesses & Boils
  • Rashes & Bites
  • Asthma, Allergies & Allergic Reactions
  • Ear & Sinus Infections
  • Uti’s & Yeast Infections
  • Dehydration and I.v. Care
  • Mrsa
  • Stds

When you’re not feeling well, you may wonder if an urgent care clinic is equipped to diagnose and treat your illness. At Chai Urgent Care, you can rest assured you’ll receive the high-quality treatment you need to start feeling better and get back to work, school, and the rest of your busy schedule. As part of our convenient, compassionate urgent care services, our experienced doctors use their expertise and state-of-the-art technology to quickly address many health concerns.

Note: Call 9-1-1 for emergency services in life-threatening situations, such as major trauma, chest pain, severe breathing difficulty, and poisoning.

The Illnesses We Treat in NJ & NY

From the common cold to more serious situations, like allergic reactions, we offer effective treatments to address a wide range of illnesses. That means you can come straight to a Chai Urgent Care location and receive treatment without the hassle of an emergency room visit or waiting for an appointment with your primary care physician. The illnesses we treat include:

Colds, Flu & Fevers

If you’re experiencing symptoms like chills, a runny nose, body aches, and fatigue, you may have a cold or flu. We will run diagnostic tests to determine the root of the problem and prescribe the appropriate antiviral medications if needed.

Sore Throats & Coughs

Whether it’s a case of strep throat or a sign of pneumonia, we will examine your throat and airways, complete testing if necessary, and prescribe appropriate medications and/or remedies.

Nausea, Vomiting & Diarrhea

As these conditions can result due to a multitude of illnesses, from food poisoning to migraines, we will determine the root cause and treat you with IV fluids, medications, or a combination of the two.

Stomach Aches & Viruses

A doctor will determine the cause of your illness and offer treatment with antibiotics and IV fluids.

Abscesses & Boils

If you’re experiencing these uncomfortable sores, we will perform draining procedures and prescribe antibiotics.

Asthma, Allergies & Allergic Reactions

These conditions can be serious but are treatable with nasal sprays, nebulizer solutions, steroids, antihistamines, decongestants, mast cell stabilizers, topical treatments, and more.

Ear & Sinus Infections

After a thorough examination, your doctor will recommend remedies to manage discomfort and prescribe antibiotics if a bacterial infection is the cause.

Urinary Tract & Yeast Infections

After conducting a urinalysis, or urine test, we will determine whether you have one of these illnesses and prescribe the proper medications.

Dehydration & IV Care

When resting in a cool place and drinking water and electrolyte beverages aren’t enough, our IV care can help you rehydrate. Have too much fun last night? IV care can cure your hangover, too.


Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) can be hard to treat, due to its resistance to antibiotics. A doctor will review your symptoms, typically boils, sores, or abscesses, treat these skin irritations, and prescribe the appropriate medication.


We test for a wide variety of sexually transmitted diseases and infections, as well as prescribe the proper medication.

Lyme Disease

If you’ve sustained a bite from a tick and notice a bull’s-eye develop in the area of the bite, we can test for Lyme disease and recommend further treatment right away.

Comprehensive Illness Treatment and Urgent Care Services in NJ & NY

If you’re not feeling well and require immediate treatment, visit one of Chai Urgent Care’s locations in New York and New Jersey today. We’re available to adult and pediatric patients until midnight 365 days of the year, and there’s no need for an appointment. To learn more, contact us online or call your nearest location today.