Minor Burn Treatment Questions and Answers

If you or a loved one has a burn, you might be wondering what to do about it, and Chai Urgent Care in NY and NJ can help! Here is our Q&A on minor burn treatment. If you’re sure your burn is minor, you can come see us right away, no appointment necessary. We serve patients from Brooklyn-Boro Park NY, Staten Island NY, Brooklyn-Williamsburg NY, South Fallsburg NY, Lakewood NJ, Jackson Township NJ, Brooklyn-Mill Basin NY, Bay Ridge NY, and Sunset Park NY.

Minor Burn Treatment Questions and Answers
Minor Burn Treatment Questions and Answers

Q: How do you know if your burn is serious?

A: Burns can vary a lot in their severity, and some burns just can’t be treated at home or even at an urgent care center like ours. For such burns, you must take first-aid measures, call 911, and get emergency care at the emergency room (ER). A burn is serious and even life-threatening if it:

  • Is in the airway or causes breathing complications
  • Is over a large part of the body, a major joint of the body, the face, the hands, the feet, the groin, or the buttocks
  • Is affecting the deeper parts and tissues of the skin
  • Appears leathery or charred, or looks like there are black, brown, or white patches
  • Gets worse over time
  • Was caused by any kind of chemical or by electricity

Q: How long do minor burns take to heal?

A: If a burn doesn’t have any of the characteristics we mentioned above, it’s likely minor. Minor burns can be treated at an urgent care clinic like ours. An appointment is never necessary with urgent care.

Minor burns take about three to six days to heal, but some burns may take longer, even up to three weeks. Urgent care can treat a minor burn to help it heal more quickly. Actually, many minor burns should be treated at urgent care to prevent them from becoming infected and to prevent other complications. Any minor burn really should be treated at urgent care if:

  • The burn shows any signs of infection, which include redness, swelling, oozing, or increased pain
  • The person burned experiences symptoms that are new and unexplained
  • The burn or a blister that formed is large or doesn’t heal within about two weeks
  • There is significant scarring in the area

Q: Should you ice a burn?

A: No, you shouldn’t ice a burn, and here’s why: it can actually cause further tissue damage and thus further complications. There are other home remedies that can help with a minor burn, and some home care may be necessary before going to urgent care. For a minor burn:

  • Quickly but gently remove tight items you’re wearing, like rings or other jewelry, from the area before it swells
  • Hold the burn under cool, not cold, running water, or apply a cool and wet compress to the area
  • You can apply a lotion, like one with aloe vera, or a moisturizer, after the burn has cooled completely
  • Bandage the burn with a loosely-wrapped and sterile gauze bandage
  • Take pain medication if necessary
  • Don’t break any blisters, and if a blister breaks, clean the area (call us at our clinic before applying any kind of ointment)
  • Go to urgent care and consider getting a tetanus shot if necessary

An urgent care clinic like ours is able to handle a minor burn easily. Medication, a wound dressing, a burn cream, an ointment, a drug that prevents infection, a tetanus shot, or another simple treatment will help you.

Q: Do you provide minor burn treatment near me?

A: We likely do! Chai Urgent Care has multiple locations throughout NY and NJ. Please see our locations page for a list of these locations, their addresses, their hours of operation, and their contact information, then come see us at the location nearest you. An appointment is not necessary for minor burn care. Come by today for urgent treatment right on the spot.

We hope to see you very soon here at Chai Urgent Care!