Occupational Health Center Questions and Answers

Do you need the services of an occupational health center in NY or NJ? If so, you might have some questions about how they can help you. Chai Urgent Care would like to provide a bit of a Q&A on the subject, so here are the most common questions and answers about what we do! We serve patients from Brooklyn-Boro Park NY, Staten Island NY, Brooklyn-Williamsburg NY, South Fallsburg NY, Lakewood NJ, Jackson Township NJ, Brooklyn-Mill Basin NY, Bay Ridge NY, and Sunset Park NY.

Occupational Health Center Questions and Answers
Occupational Health Center Questions and Answers

Q: What is an occupational health service center?

A: An occupational health service center is a clinic for employees and employers. These people have workplace-health-related needs the clinic serves. Say, for example, an employee is hurt in the workplace and needs treatment, rehabilitation, and/or compensation, and the employer needs paperwork completed and for the employee to be treated in compliance with certain regulations. The clinic will provide the appropriate treatment, possibly refer the employee for a therapy, and take care of certain paperwork for both parties, like a worker’s compensation claim.

Also, an occupational health service center helps promote and maintain a safe and healthy work environment, which means keeping a workplace hazard-free and up to certain standards.

Q: When do you need an occupational health center?

A: At one of these clinics, employees’ and employers’ workplace-health-related needs are represented and met. If you’re an employee, you’ll need to go to an occupational health center to have your workplace-health-related needs met and, if applicable, to receive compensation. The clinic will help take care of any claim and work with the employer and the insurance company on your behalf to make sure the claim is handled fairly.

If you’re an employer, you’ll need to speak with an occupational health center to make sure the employee’s services are in compliance with company and possibly also DOT and/or OSHA regulations. You can be sure your other needs will be met too and represented in any claim made.

Paperwork for both parties will be completed with the help of the clinic, the employee will be treated and rehabilitated, and the employer will have their company-related needs met. Both parties benefit from occupational health services! Read on to learn more about these services and specific instances of when you might need them.

Q: What are the types of occupational health services?

A: Here at Chai Urgent Care, we offer a number of occupational health services for both employees and employers. We can address any non-life-threatening situation right on the spot. Some of our services are:

  • X-rays for injuries in the workplace
  • Lab tests for illnesses from the workplace
  • Treatment for common work injuries like minor fractures, minor cuts, minor burns, etc.
  • Treatment for common work illnesses, such as minor respiratory illnesses, etc.
  • Worker’s compensation claims
  • Drug/alcohol tests
  • Pre-employment physical exams
  • DOT physical exams for commercial vehicle drivers
  • Referrals to see specialists when necessary
  • And more

All of those services are available on a walk-in basis, without the need to make an appointment. Just bring in any paperwork your employer gave you. If you’re an employer, just call our clinic for any of our services like drug testing! We can provide for your entire staff, if you like.

Q: Do you have an occupational health center near me?

A: We likely do! Chai Urgent Care has many locations in NY and NJ. Please see our Locations page for these locations, their addresses, their hours of operation, and their contact information, then come see us or contact us at the location nearest you. We can treat employees right on the spot (please remember your paperwork) and speak with employers right away. Connect with us or come see us today.

At Chai Urgent Care, we look forward to serving you soon!