Occupational Health in Staten Island, NY

At Chai Urgent Care, we can help employees who have suffered an injury or illness at work, and provide other occupational health services for employees and employers. Services like drug testing, employee rehabilitation, and more are available. If you, as an employee or employer, would benefit from occupational health in Staten Island NY, then connect with our clinic today to learn more.

Occupational Health Near Me in Staten Island, NY
Occupational Health Near Me in Staten Island, NY

What are the functions of occupational health services?

Employees and employers have workplace-health-related needs, and occupational health services meet those needs. For instance, if an employee gets hurt at work, they will need proper treatment and possibly rehabilitation or compensation, and the employer may need paperwork completed and for the employee to be treated in compliance with company regulations.

To treat an employee, an occupational health provider will provide various treatments and therapies and, if necessary, refer the patient to see a specialist, like a physical therapist. Sometimes it’s necessary for a provider to make sure an employee receives proper compensation, like compensation through worker’s comp, and a worker’s comp claim requires paperwork to be filled out and for both the employee’s and the employer’s needs to be represented properly. Also, occupational health maintains and promotes a safe, protective, and healthy work environment. This often means helping to create a hazard-free workplace.

What are the types of occupational health services?

Here at Chai Urgent Care, we can provide occupational health for employees and employers. Some of the many different occupational health services we provide include:

  • X-rays and lab testing
  • Employee healthcare for common work injuries (minor cuts, burns, fractures, and other minor injuries), as well as common work illnesses (minor respiratory illnesses, etc.)
  • Employer pre-employment physical exams and drug and alcohol testing
  • Worker’s compensation claims and follow-ups
  • DOT physicals to ensure drivers can operate a commercial vehicle properly
  • Referrals to see specialists, like physical therapists and others
  • And more

Those services are offered to employees on a walk-in basis, so there’s no need to make an appointment if you need care from us. So long as the matter is non-life-threatening, we can help. Employers are welcome to call our clinic for our employer services.

Why are occupational health services important?

These services are important because they meet both employees’ and employers’ workplace-health-related needs. An employee will have their healthcare needs represented and met, and will receive compensation when necessary. A provider will take care of the claim and work with the employer and an insurance company. The provider will work with the insurance company on the employer’s behalf too, making sure the claim is handled fairly. Also, the provider can make sure the employee’s treatment is in compliance with company, DOT, and/or OSHA regulations.

Occupational health helps employees recover and get back to work quickly. Everyone benefits from this. Chai Urgent Care is happy to be able to provide occupational health services!

Do you provide occupational health in Staten Island, NY?

Yes, we do! Chai Urgent Care offers occupational healthcare near you in Staten Island. We’re located over at 1975 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10306, and we’re open 7 days a week. If you’re an employee and you need our care, you can just come visit us without the need for an appointment. Just be sure to bring us any paperwork your employer gave you. If you’d rather book an appointment with us, you can book your appointment online or by calling us. If you’re an employer, you’re welcome to call us.

At Chai Urgent Care, we look forward to hearing from or seeing you soon!