Sprains and Broken Bones Treatment in Staten Island, South Fallsburg, Boro Park, and Williamsburg, NY

Sprains and Broken Bones are some of the serious conditions that require medical attention. Visit Chai Urgent Care for Sprains and Broken Bones Treatment. Visit us at a location near you. For more information, please call us or schedule an appointment online.

Sprains and Broken Bones Treatment in Staten Island, South Fallsburg, Boro Park, and Williamsburg, NY
Sprains and Broken Bones Treatment in Staten Island, South Fallsburg, Boro Park, and Williamsburg, NY

When you’ve been injured, it’s important to figure out whether any of your bones have been sprained or broken. Learning to tell the difference between these types of damage is equally as important since sprains and fractures require different types of treatment. When faced with sprained or broken bones, visit Chai Urgent Care for swift, dependable treatment that eliminates pain and promotes prompt healing.

Sprains Vs. Broken Bones

Sprains are normally less severe than fractures and occur when the ligament that connects your bone at the joint stretches or tears. This happens most commonly at the ankles, wrists, and elbows, but can occur at any joint.

You can spot a sprain by identifying some of the following symptoms:

  • Pain in soft, “squishy” tissue that is over, not directly on, bone
  • Being able to put weight on the affected area, even if painful
  • Swelling and bruising of the affected area
  • Limited movement or mobility of joint
  • A popping sound at the time of injury

Broken bones, also called fractures, on the other hand, present different symptoms. Study your injury to see if you are experiencing any of the following effects:

  • Pain on top of bone (where there is no soft tissue)
  • Pain worsens when you apply pressure or move the injured limb
  • Severe swelling, bruising, numbness, or tingling at the injury site
  • A cracking sound at the time of injury
  • Visible deformity, lopsidedness, or even bone protrusions
  • Being unable to use the injured limb

In any of these cases, you should seek the help of Chai Urgent Care’s team of medical professionals. With our senior physicians boasting between 15 and 20 years of medical experience, you can be confident in the care you’ll receive at our facilities.

What Should I Do if I Have a Sprain or Broken Bone in NJ & NY?

If you identify one or more of the symptoms listed above, you are likely experiencing a sprain or broken bone. The next step you need to take is to decide whether a visit to Chai Urgent Care or the emergency room is better suited for your needs. Just like the emergency room, Chai Urgent Care offers X-ray services that can help diagnose your injury. However, you should travel straight to the emergency room if you’ve broken a large bone, such as the femur, pelvis, or hip, or if you’ve fractured your skull, eye, jaw, or spine. If you check into Chai Urgent Care and it turns out that your sprain or fracture requires more extensive care, we will facilitate your transfer to the emergency room and contact your primary care doctor.

Treatment in NJ & NY

When dealing with sprains and broken bones, treatment is always dependent upon the severity of your injury. However, for most fractures, our team will take X-Rays and set, split, and cast your injury. Treatment for sprains is often similar, but usually requires the use of the RICE method to ease your pain, swelling, and bruising. The RICE method includes rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Our physicians may also prescribe a pain reliever to help reduce swelling and discomfort while you heal.

See a Doctor Today in NJ & NY

With a 98% customer satisfaction rating, Chai Urgent Care is a trusted, dependable clinic that can help diagnose and treat your sprains and fractures. Not only is our staff experienced, but they also prioritize your convenience, remaining open 365 days a year and until midnight each day. Contact us to learn more or visit your nearest New York or New Jersey location today – no appointment needed.