Telemedicine Visits at Chai Urgent Care in Jackson and Lakewood, NJ

To make sure our patients are safe during Covid-19 pandemic, we are offering Telehealth services from the comfort of your home. Call us for more information. 

Telemedicine Visits at Chai Urgent Care in Jackson and Lakewood, NJ
Telemedicine Visits at Chai Urgent Care in Jackson and Lakewood, NJ

How many times have you been ill or injured but just didn’t want to leave the comfort of home for medical care? Have you ever been in a situation when it’s too risky to leave home for care? In instances like these, telemedicine is the best option. It can give you the advice, diagnosis, and recommendations for treatment you need, all without you having to leave your home. If that’s the kind of care you want, contact us today at Chai Urgent Care!

What are telemedicine visits?

With telemedicine, a patient can get healthcare remotely. In a telemedicine visit with a doctor, the patient can ask about their health and then receive certain medical services from home. This kind of visit with a doctor is really convenient and often less expensive than a regular visit. Also, you can still receive advice, diagnosis, and treatment for a condition like a:

  • Minor respiratory condition
  • Common, simple injury like a strain or sprain
  • Rash, sunburn, skin infection, or other skin condition
  • Urinary tract infection or another kind of infection
  • Condition that causes pain like osteoarthritis
  • Mild allergic reaction or allergy
  • Minor case of the flu
  • And others

With any flu-like symptoms, it’s often necessary to get telemedicine to remove the risk of infecting others. Telemedicine is often more convenient anyways, as it can provide many urgent care and primary care services remotely, like:

  • Visual physical examinations
  • Family health and wellness services
  • Prescription drugs
  • Referrals to see specialists
  • Worker’s compensation services
  • And much more

How can I have a telemedicine visit?

There are a couple ways to have a telemedicine visit: to have a virtual visit via videoconference, or to have a phone consultation. With the virtual visit, there are a lot of advantages like being able to see the physician and receive a visual evaluation. For this kind of visit, you’ll need a:

  • Device that has a camera and/or microphone, like a computer or smartphone
  • Connection to the internet

With these two things, you’re ready to have a virtual visit with a doctor. If you don’t have these items, you can just have a phone consultation instead. Typically, a virtual visit goes as follows:

  • The patient connects with the doctor via a videoconference or phone call
  • The patient explains their symptoms and describes their health
  • If applicable, the doctor provides a visual examination
  • The doctor provides a diagnosis and then recommends treatment like a prescription drug

In some cases, it may be necessary for the patient to go to the doctor’s clinic for testing or treatment. If we need you to come see us here at Chai Urgent Care for any of our services, and if there’s a risk of you getting sick or you getting other people sick, then we may be able to provide the service you need at our clinic’s curbside.

When is a telemedicine visit necessary?

It’s necessary when there’s a risk of infecting other people or getting infected yourself. Viral infections can be especially contagious, so it’s important to be as careful as possible and have a telemedicine visit. Also, it’s necessary to have a telemedicine visit if you believe your driving may be impaired by your condition, like an injury. Please remember, though, that telemedicine is for minor health conditions only, and for life-threatening conditions, it’s necessary to call 911.

Do you offer telemedicine visits in Jackson and Lakewood, NJ?

Yes, we do! Chai Urgent Care offers telemedicine for the Jackson and Lakewood communities and beyond. To set up a telemedicine visit with us, please call us at (Jackson) or (Lakewood). We hope to hear from you soon and help you with your health!