Urgent Care Doctor in Brooklyn NY – Boro Park

If you’ve been looking for a top urgent care doctor in, Brooklyn NY – Boro Park then come to Chai Urgent Care at our Brooklyn NY – Boro Park urgent care clinic. We are open 7 days a week and are conveniently located at 3808 14th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218. Call for more information!

Urgent Care Doctor Near Me in Brooklyn NY - Boro Park
Urgent Care Doctor Near Me in Brooklyn NY - Boro Park

For minor emergencies or urgent healthcare, come see an urgent care doctor! These professionals are available with no appointment necessary, unlike your family doctor who might not be available right away. Even the ER (emergency room) can be a hassle in some instances because you’ll be put on a waiting list behind patients with major emergencies. Instead, come see our urgent care doctor in Brooklyn NY – Boro Park. Our physician will be happy to see you for any minor emergency or any other kind of common healthcare.

Why should I visit a walk-in and urgent care clinic?

In many instances, there are many advantages of choosing a walk-in and urgent care clinic over other options. One of the big advantages is that these clinics are open to walk-ins, so you don’t have to make an appointment for care. You can simply walk right in for same-day service, which isn’t an option with your family doctor. Walk-in and urgent care clinics are open extended hours too, just in case you need them after work or school.

Another big advantage with these clinics is that you can receive urgent treatment right on the spot. This means that for any minor emergency, like a minor sprain or strep throat, you can receive treatment within minutes of entering the clinic, with no wait times. For minor emergencies, you likely won’t get immediate treatment at the ER.

There are many other advantages too, such as being able to take anyone in your family to these clinics, including children and seniors. Additionally, walk-in/urgent care clinics offer affordable services that are covered by insurance!

Is urgent care more expensive than a regular doctor?

Typically, urgent care is actually less expensive than going to see a regular doctor like your primary care physician. Regular doctors can cost hundreds of dollars before insurance coverage. Urgent care can cost half of the price before insurance coverage. Also, most urgent care providers work with most major insurance companies, so you can expect your services will be covered! Costs vary though, so to learn more about our costs here at Chai urgent care, get in touch and call us.

Where can I get an urgent care doctor in Brooklyn NY – Boro Park

You can come right into Chai Urgent Care to meet one of our professional physician. Located in Brooklyn NY – Boro Park. You can simply walk in for service without making any kind of appointment, and we’re open for you Mon-Thur: 2pm-12am, Fri: 10am-6pm, Sat: 6:30pm-12am, Sun: 2pm-12am.

We look forward to seeing you soon here at Chai Urgent Care!