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Pediatric Care

A sick or injured young one is stressful for the child and their caregiver, but the pediatricians at Chai Urgent Care are here to help.

Friendly Personnel

We appreciate the importance of emotional connection with our patients. Our staff will greet you and treat you with warm and friendly care.

Professional Service

We’re meticulous about adhering to the highest clinical standards. We maintain and continuously improve a robust Quality Assurance program.

Multiple Locations

You can find our medical centers in five boroughs of New York City, and in multiples areas of Upstate New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

What is pediatric care?

Pediatric care focuses on keeping your child healthy. The skilled pediatricians at Chai Urgent Care provide the compassionate, high-quality treatment your young one deserves without a trip to the emergency room.

Anytime a person needs urgent care services can be a scary time, but it’s especially upsetting when that patient is your child. You can rest assured knowing that the expert providers at Chai Urgent Care are extra sensitive to the needs of their pediatric patients.

From cuts and scrapes to fevers and colds, Chai Urgent Care treats a wide range of childhood ailments. For your convenience, the pediatricians offer the full spectrum of primary care services, including well-child visits and vaccinations.

When does my child need pediatric care?

Bring your child to Chai Urgent Care if they experience any of the following:

Colds, flu, and fevers

Symptoms like a runny nose, fever, and body aches can be a cold or flu, or they may be due to an underlying infection. Chai Urgent Care provides diagnostic testing and recommends the best course of treatment for your child.

Sore throats and coughs

A cough and sore throat can be due to various ailments like strep or pneumonia. Your Chai Urgent Care provider performs a physical exam and lab tests, then prescribes any needed medications.

Stomach ache, nausea, and vomiting

Nausea, vomiting, or a stomach ache can indicate the flu or a virus, or they can be symptoms of other problems like food poisoning, rotavirus, or allergies.

Cuts, scrapes, and bumps

Chai Urgent Care provides timely treatment of all types of minor injuries, even when they occur outside of normal business hours.

Pediatric asthma and allergies

When a child has difficulty breathing, it’s frightening for everyone involved. Luckily, allergies and asthma are treatable, and Chai Urgent Care offers a wide array of solutions.


Children are prone to a broad range of infections, including respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), ear infections, and pink eye.

Rashes and skin irritation

A rash or skin irritation can be due to a virus, like chickenpox or hand, foot, and mouth disease. In other cases, these symptoms can be a sign of a condition like eczema. Chai Urgent Care provides an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.


Whether it’s due to an injury or breathing dry air, Chai Urgent Care pediatricians can treat any type of nosebleed you can’t stop on your own.

Let’s get you better.

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How can I get pediatric care without an appointment?

You don’t need an appointment to see a pediatrician at Chai Urgent Care. They’re open 365 days a year until midnight at most locations.

Call 911 in life-threatening situations like major trauma, poisoning, or severe breathing trouble.

To learn more about pediatric care or to schedule preventive services, call Chai Urgent Care, book online today, or walk-in for immediate help.

Where can I get pediatric care without an appointment?

Chai Care offers pediatric care at three New Jersey locations in Lakewood, Plainsboro Township and Jackson Township, and multiple across New York City in Grant City, Staten Island, and Brooklyn’s Borough Park, Mill Basin, and South Williamsburg neighborhoods. There’s also a seasonal clinic in South Fallsburg, New York.

For pediatric care anytime you and your family need it, call the clinic nearest you, schedule an appointment online, or walk-in today.