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A digital X-ray provides fast and precise results in the diagnosis of many injuries, including broken bones.


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What is an X-ray?

An X-ray is a widely-used imaging test that’s both quick and painless. Taking an X-ray allows your doctor to view the structures inside your body without making an incision.

To create an image, X-ray beams pass through your body. As this happens, structures absorb various amounts of X-ray energy based on their density. Dense materials like bone and metal objects show up as white, while muscle and fat appear gray, and the air in your lungs is black.

When would I need an X-ray?

There are many reasons you may need an X-ray. Chai Urgent Care providers use X-rays to evaluate various problems in children and adults, such as:

  • Broken bones
  • Arthritis
  • Bone infections
  • Osteoporosis
  • Bone tumors
  • Swallowed objects like keys, coins, or small toys

They also have specialized hand-and-foot X-ray equipment to properly diagnose injuries and arthritis in these intricate structures. EKG and blood pressure testing are also available.

What are the risks of getting an X-ray?

X-rays involve radiation exposure, which is a concern to some people. Radiation can cause cellular mutations that may lead to cancer.

However, the amount of radiation exposure you get during an X-ray is within a safe range, and the benefits to your health are greater than the risks.

It’s important to tell your doctor if you’re pregnant or suspect you might be pregnant before getting an X-ray. They may recommend you get a different imaging test, such as an ultrasound.

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What should I expect during an X-ray?

You can conveniently get an X-ray at the Chai Urgent Care clinic nearest you. There’s no need to go to a hospital or imaging center.

To prepare for the test, you may need to remove the clothing from the area being X-rayed. In some cases, you may wear a gown. You may also need to remove any jewelry, eyeglasses, or other metal objects as they can show up on the X-ray.

The digital X-ray results are available within minutes. The Chai Urgent Care radiologists interpret the X-ray and report the findings to your doctor, who then explains them to you.

Then, they recommend the best course of treatment for your specific condition. If the X-ray reveals a broken bone, Chai Urgent Care provides comprehensive fracture care and casting services.

To schedule your X-ray, call Chai Urgent Care, book an appointment online, or walk-in to the clinic nearest you today.

Where can I get an x-ray without an appointment?

Chai Urgent Care offers on-site X-ray imaging services at three New Jersey locations in Lakewood, Plainsboro Township and Jackson Township, and multiple across New York City in Grant City, Staten Island, and Brooklyn’s Borough Park, Mill Basin, and South Williamsburg neighborhoods. There’s also a seasonal clinic in South Fallsburg, New York.

To schedule your X-ray, call the office nearest you or book an appointment online today. Walk-in appointments are also available.