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Jun 26, 2023


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South Fallsburg


Our entire Chai Care staff is thrilled to be in South Fallsburg! We are proud to be in such a pleasant town, surrounded by such great people. If you need us, we are conveniently located on Main Street with great parking. Our urgent care facility is right next to Pleasant Lake, you can find all your essentials at Landau’s Supermarket, Refuah Pharmacy, and Amazing Savings Fallsburg, all within only a few minutes of each other.

Although Chai Care is an urgent care facility delivering exceptional everyday medical treatment, we see ourselves as something much more. We take great pride in treating our patients, but we also love helping the town we are in. From supporting local businesses to sponsoring outdoor events, we as an urgent care feel responsible to nourish the town, we are in.

Monsey – Airmont


Our entire Chai Care team is thrilled to be in such a beautiful area! We are in New York, but the New Jersey border is right next door putting us in a very diverse and scenic area with plenty of parking for your convenience. Torne Valley Vineyard, Spook Rock Golf Course, Kathryn Gorman Ponds Park are all gorgeous areas with amazing views complimented by Crown Plaza Suffern-Mahwah, Good Samaritan Hospital, Sport-O-Rama Rinks, and many other destinations!

Our staff is truly blessed to serve such amazing residents, but Chai Care wants to do more. As much pride as we get from treating our patients, we also love helping the community we are in. Whether that be through sponsoring fundraisers or showing support to local charities, we as an urgent care feel responsible to strengthen the neighborhood because we understand that spreading positivity will help everyone in the long run.



Our Chai Care staff is thrilled to be serving the amazing people of Staten Island! Centered in Bridgeview Plaza with great parking, our urgent care facility is surrounded by incredible restaurants like Aunt Butchies Brooklyn, Hot Bagel, and Ho Brah. Plus, if you find yourself needing a prescription, not to worry there is a pharmacy right across the street.

At Chai Care, we do more than just supply top-notch medical service. We deeply care about the community we are in and love helping in any way we can. Whether it be supporting local businesses or attending nearby fundraisers, we as an urgent care facility understand that promoting the area, we are in is a proactive and healthy way to bring life and hope to our town.

Staten Island – Hylan Blvd


Welcome to our Hylan Boulevard location! We are in the heart of Staten Island, conveniently located right across the street from the Nissan dealership, surrounded by great restaurants such as Bocelli, Giuliana’s, Hook & Reel, and Leon’s. After eating a tasty meal, we have our Carteret Waterfront Park which is great for long walks or if you need a new outfit, we have high-end and casual-wear fashion stores like 606, Daniella Bella’s Boutique, Old Navy, and Exquisitely Detailed.

Besides offering exceptional everyday medical care, Chai Care is here to bring awareness to our town for things such as fundraisers, local school events, and social clubs. We don’t just view ourselves as an urgent care facility, but as a hub for all things Staten Island. Our mission is to take care of our diverse town but also hope and positivity throughout the neighborhood because we understand how important bringing strength to the community is.

East Fordham


We are honored that your wonderful neighborhood has welcomed us with open arms! The area is rich with historic landmarks like St. James Park, Fordham Manor, and the New York Botanical Garden, putting us right in the middle of an energetic and lively region that no other area can replicate. Don’t worry, if you want a delicious meal, the Bronx never disappoints. There are all sorts of delicious restaurants like Los Girasoles, Primavera Café, and Parilla Latina, plus many more!

Our staff couldn’t be happier to treat such kind people, but we also feel privileged to be involved with the community. At Chai Care, we are more than your run-of-the-mill urgent care. We like to get involved with the residents whether that be supporting local High School sports teams or bringing awareness to neighborhood safety issues. As a team, we care about the well-being of the district we’re in because we understand that strengthening the community will only help the people living in it.





Our team is thrilled to be in such a diverse part of Brooklyn helping all the incredible residents! Located on Bedford Ave, we are just a few minutes away from all your essentials at shops such as Parkaid Pharmacy, One Stop Kosher Supermarket, G&G Quality Clothing, and Chase Bank.

At Chai Care, we will do our best to supply exceptional everyday medical treatment but for us, that is not enough. For every community we are based in, we always like to help the neighborhood however we can. Whether that be promoting local businesses or spreading the word about nearby fundraisers, we understand the importance of raising awareness about our town because supporting the region is just as important as treating the residents who live there.

South Williamsburg


To everyone in South Williamsburg, Chai Care is here to help! Located on Kent Ave near the J, M trains, and B46 bus, our medical center puts us in a beautiful area of Brooklyn right next to the water making it a great spot for long walks, jogs, and bike rides. After a nice leisurely stroll on the historic River Street, eat at some of the best restaurants in the city like La Nonna, Giando On the Water, or Misi.

Everyone on our Chai Care team will supply you with exceptional care – and we’re also well informed, and actively involved in the events of the local community. Brooklyn is a unique and proud area of New York City; we care about one another and enjoy bringing awareness and spreading positivity throughout the streets. Even if you aren’t in need of everyday medical treatment, feel free to come in and ask about any local events or social clubs in the area and our staff will always point you in the right direction.

Mill Basin


What’s up, Mill Basin! Our entire team loves your community and all the kind residents residing in it. We are in a beautiful part of town and are conveniently near your essential stores like Rite Aid, Kings Plaza Shopping Center, The Home Depot, and ABS DMV services in addition to many more.

Brooklyn is a tough place filled with strong people, so it is an honor for Chai Care to serve you all. Even though we are an urgent care facility we view ourselves as a hub for exceptional everyday medical treatment but also as a haven for the community. We support our town every way we can and love promoting those around us. Whether it be through social media or attending events and fundraisers, we want to strengthen our neighborhood and watch everyone succeed.