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Mar 13, 2023

South Fallsburg


Our entire Chai Care staff is thrilled to be in South Fallsburg! We are proud to be in such a pleasant town, surrounded by such great people. If you need us, we are conveniently located on Main Street with great parking. Our urgent care facility is right next to Pleasant Lake, you can find all your essentials at Landau’s Supermarket, Refuah Pharmacy, and Amazing Savings Fallsburg, all within only a few minutes of each other.

Although Chai Care is an urgent care facility delivering exceptional everyday medical treatment, we see ourselves as something much more. We take great pride in treating our patients, but we also love helping the town we are in. From supporting local businesses to sponsoring outdoor events, we as an urgent care feel responsible to nourish the town, we are in.

Monsey – Airmont


Our entire Chai Care team is thrilled to be in such a beautiful area! We are in New York, but the New Jersey border is right next door putting us in a very diverse and scenic area with plenty of parking for your convenience. Torne Valley Vineyard, Spook Rock Golf Course, Kathryn Gorman Ponds Park are all gorgeous areas with amazing views complimented by Crown Plaza Suffern-Mahwah, Good Samaritan Hospital, Sport-O-Rama Rinks, and many other destinations!

Our staff is truly blessed to serve such amazing residents, but Chai Care wants to do more. As much pride as we get from treating our patients, we also love helping the community we are in. Whether that be through sponsoring fundraisers or showing support to local charities, we as an urgent care feel responsible to strengthen the neighborhood because we understand that spreading positivity will help everyone in the long run.

Mar 10, 2023

Upstate New York