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Oct 31, 2022

Friendship & Healthy Living


We all know that eating lean protein and organic fruits and veggies, intense weightlifting, and cycling are great ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but diet and nutrition aren’t everything. Our peers, colleagues, and classmates have huge roles in how we manage our health. A strong family is important too, but our friends, the ones that you can count on to always have your back and hold you accountable for your wrongdoings, who are there for the good, the bad, and the ugly, are the people who can help us be our best selves and living a pro-active life.

These deep bonds we have with our closest mates are more important than most of us know. Many studies have shown that people who have strong relationships and social support in their lives actually live longer than those who don’t. In other words, your friends can literally save your life just by emotionally supporting you. Of course, medicine, routine check-ups, and all sorts of surgery are what we need to heal our bodies, however, we can all remember a time when we were down, sick even, and our pal came through telling us a joke, putting a smile on our faces, healing us in a way that a doctor never could. There is a true power in friendship, an incredible energy surge that we receive from these positive experiences that are crucial to know and practice so we are our best selves.

You haven’t seen your best friend in a few months due to your high-demanding job, family responsibilities, and personal reasons. Finally, you both set a dinner date and when you see them you immediately notice they are highly stressed, gained weight, and their cigarette habit has developed into a full-blown addiction. They have become a shell of themselves, and it is obvious that your friend, the person who is supposed to be your best friend, really needs some help. Not from their doctor, brother, or lover, but from you. The more you sit and talk, exchanging stories, laughing and being silly, and falling back into your old rhythm, your friend becomes more positive, filled with hope, and glows with a new-found optimism that wasn’t there at the beginning of the evening. This is no coincidence but a form of medication that you supplied them with. Connection, communication, and listening are all proven ways that greatly help improve our mental health and overall well-being.

Be A Good Friend:

I have been in one of these situations because of my best friend Tyler who struggles with depression. He’s gone so far down the rabbit hole that he has had drastic weight changes and even issues with narcotics. Worst of all Tyler isn’t someone you’d expect to have these problems. He’s always cracking jokes, gregarious and flirtatious, and liked by everyone. However, I have seen the other side, the deeply sad guy doesn’t know how to ask for help because he doesn’t want to burden anyone. Finally, when things were getting very dark for Tyler, I decided enough was enough, sat him down, and flat-out told him that he needed to seek help. I wouldn’t let him hurt himself any longer because there are too many people who love, support, and cherish him to let this happen. He didn’t want to listen and even got upset at me but after a long, emotional discussion he finally said he would do something about it. He now regularly sees a therapist, takes anti-depressants, and is learning to navigate his mental health issues proactively rather than abusing drugs. Tyler has put in serious work to get to where he is and not to take any credit, helping him is one of the highlights of my life.

Every now and again we must push those we care about. If you start seeing one of your friends making poor decisions regarding their lifestyle choices, nutrition, or diet, be the one who rises to the occasion and suggests them to get a medical check-up. This conversion may be awkward and difficult but at the end of the day, they will know you are right and only looking out for them. Just by demonstrating that you do care for them and are genuinely concerned about their well-being will make a huge impact.

The Power of Connection:

Not everyone is good at communicating their feelings and has a difficult time opening up, even to their closest friends. This is especially true if someone is experiencing some sort of trauma. Loss of a loved one, divorce, mental illness, and losing employment can have serious impacts on the way someone will take care of themselves, and even if they may not reach out and ask for help, this is your time to step in and be there for them. Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. We all experience dark moments and by being a good friend you can really make a positive impact on their lives and help them stay healthy. The sad truth is there are many people in this world who would love to have more friends in their lives and people who support and champion them but don’t know where to look. If you have a hard time staying in contact with your old friends or making new ones, maybe it’s time to consider joining a recreational sports team or social club. These are great places to make everlasting relationships that can truly benefit your health and well-being.

Hey, just pay attention to what signs you read about your friend’s health and well being, and if you’re seeing something worrying, why not bring them to a nearest urgent care clinic for a quick basic health checkup?

Here’s a handy list of Chai Care medical center locations – you can book an appointment or just bring your friend there without any preliminaries, because walk-ins are always welcome here!

A Helping Hand:

Chai Care is an urgent care facility that not only treats our patient’s everyday medical needs but also provides advice and support on how to live a proactive lifestyle. We understand that living a healthy life is more than just dieting and exercising which is why we offer information regarding nearby events, parties, and social clubs in the neighborhood because we want you not only to be physically healthy but mentally fit too!

* Legal disclaimer: The content of this article and the entire Chai Care blog is for educational purposes only; it does NOT constitute medical advice and must not be considered as such. Please consult a medical professional regarding any symptoms or health concerns you or your loved ones.

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