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Oct 28, 2022

Merging Technology and Healthcare

The time has finally come when science fiction meets reality. We are now living in a world so advanced that past writers, explorers, and historians wouldn’t believe or even think it to be possible, especially in the world of medical tech. Now our wildest ideas, dreams, and experiments are possible, all thanks to the new innovative technology that is constantly being created. This new technology in the medical industry has completely revolutionized the way we live our lives and has given us the ability to be bigger risk-takers, embark on dangerous conquests, and live a more exciting life because fortunately if we do face some sort of imminent threat, disease, or major injury, our high-tech equipment will protect us.

So, what exactly has technology done to benefit our healthcare industry? Are these new technologies actually game changers or can we still rely on our college graduate physicians to supply us with all the answers we need? The answer is simple: Welcome the tech.

The Future of Diagnosis

Think back to when you were a teenager. While horsing around with your friends, you fall on your knee and it becomes inflamed and swollen, causing you difficulty walking so you go to see your primary physician. The doctor does their run-of-the-mill observation, but he seems to be paying more attention to the clock on the wall and your mother’s blouse rather than the symptoms you list. He tells you it’s nothing to lose sleep over, and that you will be back to messing around with your pals in no time. Three days later your knee is not only still in pain but also feels worse. You take a trip to the ER where you receive an X-ray only to discover you have a fracture and a minor tear of the tissue surrounding the bone. Naturally, you want to kill your physician for misdiagnosing you, but was it really his fault? He is only flesh and blood after all, and his facility wasn’t up to date with the newest equipment that could’ve supplied the correct information.

Fortunately, we now live in a world where most, if not all medical practices have the latest equipment because of how important and common it is. If you do happen to find yourself in an urgent care or a medical room that doesn’t have an X-ray EKG, ECG, or Hematology equipment pack your things and leave because they are living in the stone age. But receiving a proper diagnosis isn’t the only benefit from this profound gear, so how else do we benefit from this advanced tech?

Saving Time, Advanced Efficiency & Artificial Intelligence

We’ve all been the person in the waiting room watching patient after patient being taken before us even though they just entered the building. Doesn’t the doctor know that you need to pick up your kids from school in an hour? That you have a date you can’t be late for? How does this happen? Why me? Why?! Well, all that waiting around is a thing of the past because of telehealth and artificial intelligence. We’re talking genius robots that can give us a reliable diagnosis within minutes, in some cases from your own home. No more sitting in traffic, reading outdated waiting room magazines and evil glares from the receptionist who doubles as the crypt keeper. Thanks to this exciting technology you can receive this very personal information from the comfort of your computer or mobile device.

Another great aspect of this technology is the ability to help urgent care facilities and hospitals that are understaffed. We now have such advanced software and computers that can provide the same aid as a nurse, PA, MA, or even a doctor. Of course, nothing will top the human connection, but the fact that we have ultra-precise robotics that can perform brain surgery and software that can predict the probability of contracting a disease through advanced genetic analytics is a monumental achievement for mankind.

Chai Care is Changing the Game

Chai Care is proud to be a company that not only has these advanced pieces of medical technology but a place where we continue to look ahead for the next best thing. We don’t want to settle and practice whatever everyone else does because we’re thinking about the future rather than the past. Chai Care discovers ground-breaking new options so we can treat as many patients as possible and be an urgent care facility of not only healing but exploration. Medical science is the final frontier for man, a never-ending journey of searching for life-changing medicine and ways to live as healthy as possible so we can continue innovating and creating, in hopes to build a better world.

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* Legal disclaimer: The content of this article and the entire Chai Care blog is for educational purposes only; it does NOT constitute medical advice and must not be considered as such. Please consult a medical professional regarding any symptoms or health concerns you or your loved ones.

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